Video Editing Tryout

We already have enough writers, but we could always use some good writers to be our editors! If you wish to try out for a writing editor spot, post a link to some of your writing work here.

If you're good with editing video and visuals and wish to try out for a visual editor spot, post some links to a few videos you've edited here to try out.

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Video Editing Tryout

Postby beachbeagle on 08 Nov 2009, 01:03

I'm really not sure if we'd want me editing the main thing or not. I totally probably could do it or help with it. My forte would be more something like a credits sequence though..... which if this is a web series you still might want to make it more like a show.

Example for an RP:
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Re: Video Editing Tryout

Postby Hannah on 14 Nov 2009, 17:33

Welcome aboard!
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