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Writing Schedule

Postby Hannah on 30 Jan 2010, 21:39

Well, semi-schedule.

What I want to do, so no one writer gets too much or too little work, is have a schedule. We each do two consecutive episodes, then pass it on to the next writer. Since Ben's doing the prologue (which, for now, I'm counting as an ep) and episode 1, I'd do episodes 2 and 3 and so on. Each season is going to have 24 episodes in total.

Before someone begins the production of an episode, I would like if you submit an outline for the other writers to look over to approve. That way, the whole season doesn't get too disjointed and contradictory. We also don't want to start certain plot points too early, and this would help control that.

Here's what I have, pretty much:

*Episode 1
*Episode 10
*Episode 11
*Episode 20
*Episode 21

*Episode 2
*Episode 3
*Episode 12
*Episode 13
*Episode 22
*Episode 23

*Episode 4
*Episode 5
*Episode 14
*Episode 15
*Episode 24

*Episode 6
*Episode 7
*Episode 16
*Episode 17

*Episode 8
*Episode 9
*Episode 18
*Episode 19

Each season we'll put whoever's last on the list to start and bump everyone else down. So, for the second season the order would be "Hayli, Ben, Hannah, Ty, Alex".

Tell me what you think of this system, and any tips or changes you'd like. :3
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Re: Writing Schedule

Postby Becky on 31 Jan 2010, 15:47

Seems fair, even though I don't have to do anything yet, lol. Please hurry! I'm bored out of my mind and want something nice and difficult to edit...How long are you expecting each episode to be, because they can't be to long, you've gaven everyone a rather tough job, as they've got a fair few episodes. And, how many seasons are you planning?
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Re: Writing Schedule

Postby Hannah on 31 Jan 2010, 16:12

Well, at the most it's six episodes for someone, and as of right now it's me and Ben with the 6 eps each. Ty only has five, and Hayli and Alex only have four. It's really not a lot.

I want it to work like a real series with about 24 eps, so each ep should be around twenty minutes in length. Which, you have to admit, is better then twelve episodes a season; if it was twelve episodes a season, each would have to be an hour long. As of right now, I'm not sure how many seasons we'll be doing. I know at least three.
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