Series Plot

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Series Plot

Postby Hannah on 25 Oct 2009, 01:58

A basic plot, taken from SC:

[center]"It would see out little game has ended in a draw, Ellimist."
"A draw? It seems to me I've beaten you, Crayak."
"You've lost your key players to take out mine, I call that a draw. Truly a pity... there are so many pawns I had yet to use, and I'm sure you had a few up your sleeve as well."
"Well, then, what do you suggest?"
"Let's reset the board. I enjoyed these pawns; let's play them again."

Time is linear, that is what were taught. But what if time could be turned back, what if events could be replayed. What if things could be changed, would you help save the world?

This takes place during the book series, after David was trapped in to a rat morph and left on an island off the coast. With the Ellimist and the Crayak replaying their little game they're both trying to reshape events in their favor by adding more players to the war.[/center]

A more elaborate plot:
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